Thursday, December 11, 2008


The third graders put on a short version of The Nutcracker tonight. In one of the dances, the kids wore tea cups on their heads, reminding me of the last time I saw Ross K.

Ross is a friend of my wife's parents, and, at dinner a couple of years ago, right before Ross went into a nursing home for Alzheimer's patients, he ate his dessert with his coffee cup sitting on his head.

In Japan, Zen is practiced mainly by old people who have finished their work in the world and can afford to be more spontaneous than the rest of us. In Japan, Ross might have become a Zen Master. Here, he ended up in a room with a poster of a bookcase covering his door so he wouldn't walk out.


quinn the eskimo said...

As things get worse, you get better.

Shame it didn't work out that way for Ross.

basking kafka said...

I'd never heard of the life-size bookcase poster trick to protect the permanently impaired. Alzheimer's disease is so sad.

You think plastering life-size posters of Hell on the doors of Congress, the Fed, the brokerage houses, the -- you get the idea -- would work?

Didn't think so.