Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm On My Own

John Updike is dead. Who'll keep me company over the next 20 years or so?


gasket said...

I will, Billy. I'm a real-life fictional character.

Meanwhile, here's an interesting piece in Salon about Updike's work.

Cypher Blueman said...

I liked the end of the obit:

His standing within the literary community may never have been greater than in 2006 when he delivered a passionate defense of bookstores and words, words on paper, at publishing's annual national convention. Responding to a recent New York Times essay predicting a digital future, he scorned this "pretty grisly scenario" and praised the paper book as the site of an "encounter, in silence, of two minds."

"So, booksellers, defend your lonely forts," he concluded.

His speech was applauded, discussed and widely quoted, far more than the talk given at the same breakfast gathering by then-Sen. Barack Obama.

quinn the eskimo said...

Well, I'm kinda like Gasket. A real-life fictional... creation.

But I guess you'd know that, eh? ;-)

Billy Glad said...

Well, you've come to the right place then, haven't you?

Billy Glad said...

And the winner was James Salter.