Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Does Smart Look Like?

I'm looking for a simple avatar that says: "Smart." First time the subject came up, I thought it would be easy to think of something. Now, I'm beginning to wonder. What would a universal symbol for "smart" look like? And why is smart so hard, when sexy is so easy?


Cypher Blueman said...

Some kind of line representation
of the Fibonacci Series --the Golden Mean.

quinn the eskimo said...

Not line drawings, but 3 images I like.

The 1st is just a representation of what birds see - the 3 colours we see plus the ultraviolet wavelengths. Which I like because it's about the fact that the world has a lot that we don't see, and also that once you see it - or see ultraviolet - everything else also changes in colour.

The other two I punched into a blog one-time, but I liked them because they had a simple, powerful look to them, and also because they're from the digs at Gobekli Tepe, which seems to be oldest temple every discovered, 12,000+ years. Blows the pyramids away. Better yet, after going to all this trouble, the original people in the area hauled in 000's of tonnes of clay, many years later, and REBURIED it. Built it back into the hillside, lost for 12,000 years. Til our generation dug it back out.

And the 3rd one, a statue from the Gobekli Tepe area. This guy kinda gives me the chills. I think in the whole body shot, he's got his hands over his nuts. Nice touch. But this, just his head. Obsidian eyes, apparently.

Probably not what you're looking for, but interesting simple images... all relevant to intelligence... and all somehow, as avatars, would also have a built-in story about dumb. What we can't see, what we discover & bury, and what - in a jam - we find most precious to us!

P.S. I assume you'll send the girl gift-wrapped? ;-)

gasket said...

A simple line drawing could be minimalist or primitive or folk art or graffiti or just plain. However, the image you present for "sexy" isn't simple at all, Billy. So I don't think you're actually looking for "simple."

I don't really know what your taste is, or if you think figurative represents brilliance better than abstract. But to me, these are all smart, in their own way, if not universally.

Alexander Calder.

Pablo Picasso.

Gerhard Richter. Or this.

Francis Picabia.

Louise Bourgeois. (Or a spider.)

Alison Saar.


quinn the eskimo said...

Liked the nose & the spider, Gasket.

But loved the Banksy!

Cypher Blueman said...

The Alison Saar. At first no, but then you can't get it out of your mind. Smart, yes. Brutal too.

quinn the eskimo said...

Love the new one, Billy.

But look pal. You asked us, "What does SMART look like?" And for some cool-looking line drawing.

And then you come back with Alien Death-dealing Robot Dude from the 50's.

Which I do like, but still. you van;t run a contest like that.

P.S. Please send me that girl, though. Especially if she's not gonna be your avatar. It's been a long Winter.

Cypher Blueman said...

No. No. No. Pic is played out Billy. Seen that avatar too many times. Despite my affection for the movie with its close ties to almost blacklisted artists at the time, it's not you.

Hilarym99 said...

And why is smart so hard, when sexy is so easy?

Funny. I never separate the two. ;)

Cypher Blueman said...

Talk about serving up a softball!

Hilary, you're smart and sexy, so you tell us. (c-speak wink)

Julian Smith said...

Well, Hilary, like I said about Sarah Palin. It's always been my goal to leave the smart ones and the dumbs ones with a lot less brains than they had when I met them.

gasket said...

Funny. I never separate the two.

Ha! Works that way for me in real life, too (smart being a requirement for sexy).

Billy: No to Socrates. Just no.

quinn the eskimo said...

I like the changing blog concept. I'd been thinking of writing one & then just slowly editing it through the day, turning it piece by piece into one with the completely reversed meaning. See if I could do it with no one noticing. Then maybe erase it, line by line, til... poof! But I figure it's been done a few 000 times.

"What would a universal symbol for "turnip" look like? And why are turnips so hard, when tomatoes are so easy?"

Sexy made easy.

Julian Smith said...

No to Socrates? So I guess, in your case, being smart is, as we used to say in philosophy class, a necessary, but not a sufficient condition?

gasket said...

No to Socrates because it's too pompous. Besides, Plato was the writer.

On the other hand, the visual combination of Candy and Socrates is universally funny. Woody Allen has worked that same idea with spectacular success.

Cypher Blueman said...

A small aside as we take the time to dissect brains, sex, codes, pics, etc. Do any of us have jobs?

Billy Glad said...

The smart ones do. The sexy ones don't need one.

GirlFromTheBronx said...

Smart eh? Not so easy, it seems.
How about smart/ sexy combo?$SIMPCKXZC5RBG&size=small&selCateg=picture&dlCategId=WJTIJTLNM3W%2B402O5L&comeFrom=browse

Don't know how to do the link thing. Not smart enough. :(

Hope it works. If not, maybe one of you smart folks can tell me how to do it.

Happy Friday HilBillyBlueGasMo!

GirlFromTheBronx said...

Billy, hope you don't mind my practice comment. I'm sending this again with the code I just saw at top of the Hive. Let's see...

I saw this in person at the Hermitage in Petersburg! Coudn't walk away from it.

gasket said...

Yes to Arthur Miller!

GirlFromTheBronx said...

Now you're cookin' with gas,Billy!

I'm giving up on the mofo HTML!
Guess I'm just an analog vs digital kind a girl.

Buenas Noches a todos!

Hilarym99 said...


Great thread.

quinn the eskimo said...

Can I be DiMaggio?

GirlFromTheBronx said...

A Limerick

All day long Billy searched for pics smart,
HilQuinGas and Blue did their part,
Girl gave it a go,
But the links slowed the show,
And the prize goes to brains and the tart!

quinn the eskimo said...

Give it up Billy. If you were looking for brains and beauty... I think you just got trumped by the Girl in the Window. ;-)

Maybe better go with that robot shooting beams outta his eyes.

Antepilani said...

It's not hard to be hard, it's hard to be smart.

Smart people don't need jobs, they get the sexy ones to do it for them.