Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Imperfect AI Or Is It?

When we comment back and forth, I get an email with the comment. If you use gmail, you know they throw up ads on the right side of the window, based on the content of the mail. Picked up Hive Talk or whatever it was there last night, for instance.

I've been thinking it would be fun to keep a list of some of the better ones.

Here's what came up for Des' latest comment about Neil Young.

Don't Pay for a Face Lift

I Cured My Wrinkles Miraculously!

Is that scary or what?


quinn the eskimo said...

More evidence Des has secretly captured the site, hived it away, and now uses it to send messages in to mess with our minds. It's getting pretty blatant though. Power Of A Hive (TM)? Jesus.

Besides, he's crossing a line by messing with Neil.

P.S. Billy. Might wanna consider moving in on their market. "Hive Goo, For A Younger Yoo."

Decidere said...

Hey, I've gotta combat the meltdown somehow, put away a few farthings for a rainy day. Don't worry, Neil gets his cut as well, he's my PayPal.

I figure Quinn's competing, trying to start his YooToob.

GirlFromTheBronx said...

Man oh man, the hive is on fire!

Have you ever put down that ant sugar poison stuff and watched all the ants in your apartment file in line like the Indie 500? That's what it feels like around here these days. What a frenzy of activity.

I don't even know where to comment anymore. I can't visit the economy posts cause I don't have the energy to learn everything there is to learn.

BlueGuy gone, may he rest in peace. Links within links within comments that become posts. And now, the latest: comments becoming e-mails with ads which become posts. I'm so tired. I can't even find the post where Billy talked about this phenomenon of things become other things to give him his props.

Billy, will you please send me a bottle of that wine you've been smoking. I can really use it.

Billy Glad said...

How about a dozen of my new, improved FC2s instead?

Decidere said...

I'm working on an FC3 with time-release Viagra. One stop shopping so-to-speak.

GirlFromTheBronx said...

B and D,
I have nothing to say except in the famous words of Mae West::
When you're good, you're good and when you're bad, you're better!

Decidere said...

Spank me, I've been naughty

GirlFromTheBronx said...

Assume the position. I'll be back!