Saturday, March 21, 2009

Subject of Science on Obama's Tell

When Obama compared Washington to American Idol, he revealed more than he knew.

Obama's elevator ride to the top skipped several floors. He’s as aware of this as we are. Apparently, the President is so stressed out he's decided to demote himself. He campaigned as the World’s Top Pop Icon, rivaling the likes of Bono. Now, he's just another American Idol Contestant. And he expects us to laugh about that?

-- Subject of Science


Billy Glad said...

Looks like Paul Krugman is ready to throw in his hand. Appears to be losing hope that Obama has a clue about how to fix the financial system. Personally, I'm wondering how many cases of cheap rioja I'd have to swap to get some of them assets.

gasket said...

Obama needs better joke writers.

Decidere said...

Krugman specifically references a confidence issue. A confidence man, I think it is. That should inspire.