Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking Of Cheap Tents

If this is an accurate summary of what the Democratic Senate is up to, please pass the XBD173.

Expand Medicaid and create consumer-owned cooperative plans? On second thought, pass the Versed. I want to forget this administration and Congress ever happened.


quinn the eskimo said...

Health is the issue that, if it doesn't even have a public option, will tear a bigger hole than Obama imagines in his support. You can dance around torture and FISA and timelines in wars and what to do about the banks, but people KNOW a lot about health, and they get it personally. You can know nothing, and argue economics, torture, foreign policy (hey! watch me!) - but health care? Not so much. Real tough to spin this one too. He's gonna grow himself 10,000 teensy-weensy little blogging opponents, and they'll poke teensy weensy little holes in his stories after that, and the fervour a lot of people felt is gonna go pfffffft.

At which point, you should probably put out your "I told you so" piece. I think people will be quite open to it.

Grateful, even.

Billy Glad said...

When they pass that co-op deal, I just hope I'm not riding on a Swiss train.

Miguel de los Sueños Jones said...

I'm getting a bit depressed by all the machinations the pols are going through to avoid dealing with the underlying issues of healthcare reform. I keep asking myself if they can be this tone deaf and stupid at the same time. Then the house or representatives lines up to nearly unanimously support the Iranian protests. Whoa! Stick your chicken-liver necks out on a senseless issue and wrap yourselves in the flag. Pass the XBD173 please.