Monday, June 1, 2009

We Almost Have A Word For It

The word is herpetophobia. Fear of reptiles. But there doesn't seem to be a word for plain old hatred of reptiles.

That's the one I need. Without that word, I can't express the rage I feel when I contemplate vile beasts like Komodo Dragons. It's like trying to talk about Nixon without using the word motherfucker.

Turns out we owe the bastards our big brains and sharp eyes. 

Go figure.


quinn the eskimo said...

Jeez, did some reptile piss in your petunia patch over Easter? I mean, look at this guy.

How friendly can you get?

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Okay, try these Billy:

odiumherpeto or odiumherpetocum
herpetocum-odi-- (I like this one)

or we use the Greek >latin: styx, stygio, etc, which also means hate, hateful, abhor,

So---- herpetostyx-

I am a complete and utter herpetcum-odi! Death to all loathsome Komodos!

I know you don't care for mixing species, but how about mixing languages for:


Okay, Buenas noches. Sono molto stanca, sehr müde, completamente cansada et je suis très fatigué.

Tom Manoff said...

Still with the reptiles? What's with lizards on the mind y'all? I'm going to abandon plans for the Safeway doors and take a picture of Eddie's fishery where life and death in the animal cosmos goes on each night while you folks discuss TV dragons.

Rootman said...

Meditate on this:

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Yeah, well, you better get going, Mansky. You've been coming around here for weeks now, threatening to do your "show and tell." We're all growing weary. By the time you post, we'll all be on that astral 747 to who knows where!

It's Tuesday, and I wish I could time travel to Friday.

I wish Billy had the right word for his RepRage.

I wish for not too humid weather when I visit my mom in the Bronx in July.

I wish those creepy crawly flying night insects wouldn't enter my bedroom at bedtime.

I wish there were better movie choices on cable at night.

Just wishing for stuff......
Hasta la proxima..

Billy Glad said...

There are some obvious herpetophiles hanging around The Hive. I'm putting signs on the bathrooms, water fountains and lunch counters: Herpetocumodi Only. Or how about: No tits, no balls, no service.

Decidere said...

Billy's Reptales from the Hive.

My guess is you just need to apply a bit more lotion and this scalephobia will go away.

quinn the eskimo said...

Did you know pythons have vestigial pelvis remnants which are externally visible as two small anal spurs on each side of the cloaca? Furthermore, in most snakes the left lung is greatly reduced or absent.

See, I learned that, because some guy used the word "vestigial" on me today. Which pissed me off. At first, because I didn't know what it meant. But after that, because he was wrong. It's not vestigial. At all.

I happen to be quite proud of the fact that I have a fully-functioning reptile at the end of my left arm. The only way to describe it is as a sortof mini-Komogator, but with less brain. I guess when it grew, they figured the wiring would eventually be connected to my human brain, but it never was.

But it's still completely functional. It's just functionally insane. But that doesn't make it vestigial.

When I see that guy again, I'm gonna rip his fricking throat out, and laugh at him while my left arm eats him whole. The prick.

What's the word for that again, Billy? That feeling?

Billy Glad said...

You coulda been king of the WWF, man. Or, at the very least, a prince in exile.

Decidere said...

Perhaps we can have a Komogator entry for "when good pets go bad".

Quinn gives sock-puppetry a whole new meaning.

Tom Manoff said...

You guys ought to spend more time in the debate over nature/culture and apply it to myth. As the leading amateur pontificator on the subject, I put forth my wisdom.

Primates have an encoded image of the snake. There's an experiment that has a new-born CHIMP with an automatic flight response to a piece of coiled hose.

There's your deep structure 'bout all those snakes in the garden, the bush, the forest, coiled around Zen bells in Japan, calming down the ego to accept death as the circular cog in Time in India.

Hey. Those early little mammals. Didn't they have to survive against a lot of big time reps?