Friday, July 17, 2009

Annals Of The Annals

The number of page views at Annals Of The Hive passed 25,000 this week. Since less than 20 people read The Hive regularly, I'd say we need to get out into the real world more. We're spending way too much time around here. Get out. Get some fresh air.

Summer's almost gone.


Dijamo said...

Nice Billy. Fresh air is a pretty rare commodity in the Isle of Staten, but I'll do my best.

Billy Glad said...

My project to move Fresh Kills never got off the ground. Too bad. Would have given you more room to move around in.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Okay, I guess commenting on this post is a pretty good indication that I may be in need of professional help. Annals Anonymous here I come.

Answer these questions to determine whether you too, are in need of an intervention.

1. Have you ever stopped coming to "Annals" for a week but only lasted a few days?

2. Do think you should be outside enjoying the "real word" instead of commenting at "Annals?"

3. Are you reading this post right now and considering a comment?

4. Do you check "Annals" while at work or on the road?

5. Has coming to "Annals" caused trouble at home?

6. How often have you checked "Annals" within an hour? More than 4 times? More than 5 times? More than 6 times?

If you said yes to two or more of these, you are an Annals Addict and need to get a sponsor quick!

Good luck and see you all at the pool!

Billy Glad said...

It's the esoteric knowledge that's imparted at The Hive keeps me coming back. Where else could I have learned to emphasize my dance movements by freezing from time to time? Where else could I have heard nuns singing to fast fish about Tillanookie cheese? How would I have known New Mexico is motorcycle country, where to hide out at Oxford, about the space between live characters and animation, that Magellans can get lost too, that Detroit used to make good cars, and that architects make houses that look like music?

Decidere said...

I use it to contain nausea when I return from the bar. A balancing motion, finding my center. And then losing it again.

Why won't this noise leave me inner ear? Quinn? Is that you?

quinn the eskimo said...

Buzzzzzzz bzzzzzz thrum thrum thrum thrum ________________ ________________ _______________ ounk ounk ounk thrum thrum buzzzzzzzzz.

That should fix ya, Des.


Summer's almost OVER, Billy? Jesus. 8 straight months with below average temperatures. I've been going nuts. Cold. Wet. Windy. Should be 80 degrees, we're getting 60's. And now you tell me it's almost over?

Ok, screw it. I'm headed for the vats. It's warmer there.

Miguel de los SueƱos Jones said...

Leaving tomorrow for a trip up to Colorado. The way the heat's been here lately, I'm looking forward to fall. I use the hive to remind myself that there's a place for us. A cyberspace space for us. Somewhere.