Friday, July 10, 2009

I Like To Be In America!

Americans value science and scientists, but only a third of us believe in evolution.  That's consistent with some research President Obama picked up on a few years back and decided to bet his political future on. More Americans believe in angels than believe in evolution.

The Pew Research survey released today found most Americans value the nation's scientific achievements, but not as much as they did a decade ago. That's probably because the scientists are pushing wierd ideas like global warming, stem cell research and childhood vaccinations.

As I recall, there was a study done during the Democratic primary that showed a significant percentage of the Democratic base couldn't find Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran on a map, even if the countries were labeled.  Nobody seems to have bothered to study the Republican base.


Decidere said...

I don't really believe in evolution. Watching progress or lack of it after 230 years of independence, and the regression over the last decade, I just question whether people learn much over time except for little tricks like Rubrik's Cube. The only thing that makes me think evolution might be true is discoveries placing homo sapiens back more than 1 million years ago. Okay, with 1 million years to develop, that might give room for a slow gradual crawl up to the washing machine and the cappuccino maker. In terms of philosophical wisdom, we don't seem significantly advanced over where we were 2500 years ago. 1 million years of existence, and we didn't figure out planting stuff until 10,000 years ago. Not too swift. I can see why Bradbury doesn't want to give up his books and magazines. Once we lost the books from Alexandria, it was a long trudge through the Dark Ages. Now we only need a good network virus to wipe out all this scintillating wisdom of the new man, Hacker Erectus. And despite the obvious need, they still haven't created a computer that feels as tawdry and exciting as that naughty little pamphlet in your parents' bottom drawer. Sneaking around the back of the house with your laptop to show your friends? I don't think so. Must be depressing to be a budding pubescent these days.

Decidere said...

Well, there's progress for you. When I was growing up, whiffing inhalants was called "hacking", like "hacking Pam", one of those rites of puberty. But now, I guess since "hacking" has been taken for computer activity, white- or black-hat, they've changed the name to "Huffing", which I don't think has anything to do with the Huffington Post or a fictitious animal out of Winnie the Pooh. But now it turns out, the Domain Name "Huffing.Com" is for sale!!! So if you have a gillion dollars, which anyone who's been huffing inhalants must be expecting, you can go out there and get it and have your own tailored Web site for when you're hacking solvents. That is sooooo kewl. I think I'll go see if "" is available now. Wouldn't Plato be pleased.

Decidere said...

And Mel Gibson will be starring in a film called "The Beaver", which isn't a porn film nor a tribute to a 50's TV character, but instead it's about a man who wears a beaver hand puppet for thrills. Which might be some kind of off-hand reference to Michael Jackson, though coming in at only $18 million, I find it unlikely the film will do him justice. Now I wonder what language The Beaver will speak, having gone through Aramaic and Mayan periods in his last films. With Jodie Foster directing, we might expect to see a ghost appearance of Benji, though it probably won't be quite the encounter as say Gamera meets Godzilla.

quinn the eskimo said...

I know it's usual to blame religion for the opposition to science, but in the US, I'm not sure.

- The companies just want consumers - the stupider and less critical, the better.

- The right-wing political machine found ignorance, xenophobia and lots of resentment against intellectuals to play with.

- The media got tired of talking to people smarter than them about things they couldn't understand.

Put all those together, and you almost have an explanation.

But personally, I blame soda pop. Gut-eating, belly-fat layering, belch-inducing soda pop. A drink that just screams, "I'm stupid, and gettin' stupider." Nobody knows what the fuck's really in it.

Take you guys. Educated as you are, people who'd be embarrassed to eat at McDonalds, at least a bit... you've got no qualms about sucking down a Mega Big Gulp of soda pop, do you?

See? And that's where they get you. You don't actually think they took the cocaine out of pop without replacing it with something MORE powerful, do you?

The Romans. Poisoned by lead. America? Coke.

And Mountain Dew.

It's in all the scientific journals.

Decidere said...

Where I am, draft beer is cheaper than soda pop. Though when I was in school, I lived for those Snickers machines to give me my only energy rush of the day.

Corn syrup - the gift that keeps on giving.