Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Much Less Build A Thunderdome

Where are the hybrids going to fight? Where will the Billygator take down the Manskyeddie if not in The Thunderdome. I'm not waiting for an atmosphere.

NASA says they can't keep piddling around and get to Mars, too.

I wish there was a better planet within reach. No wonder the predators come here. We've got the jungles. How can you have an adventure without a jungle, or at least a dense forest? Guess we'll have to go underground on Mars. Middle Mars. Maybe find some of those things wrap you up in their arms and all that's left of you is steaming guts.


Tom Manoff said...

LifeWire got the fast Eddies. Revenge will be difficult. But it's coming: The birth of a new utopian pond, the domain of faster, working class fish who will triumph over Billygator, LiveWire, raccoons, bambirats, and long-necked, killer bird- flu carriers. It's a Manskian Five Year plan to build a classless Fishdom where a 5- cent goldfish can be a commissar and have sex with a ten- dollar coy Koi.

At present, Mansky must deal with healthcare in the pond. But he sees fish health as more than expensive tests for acidity and carbon -dumping, electric- motored filters that keep a few fish in good water while others suffer in the sea. It's all part of the greater changes that MUST revitalize the Fish Nation.

What a burden. But, yes we can.

Did I need all those hyphens and commas? This here grammar book sez I do. Anyone want to correct the punctuation?

quinn the eskimo said...

I been thinkin' on this.

Come down to it, we're not gonna go to Mars because we can already build Holodecks and 3-D animated simulations of Mars, and tell any story we want without having to put our ass on the line.

So it looks to me like all those Hollywood scifi filmmakers and you writers did more to kill the Mars mission than the politicians.

Perfect example? Mansky. You can see the transition from Wild West to Benevolent Fishfare taking place, and when it fails - as it must - he'll end up with Fish: The Sims. They'll swim around and live and die and have adventures and be unbearably cute, and even respond with a pre-programmed fin-flip when a real-world predator shows up.

It's how America ate itself.

Pass the popcorn. Billygator's sneaking up on that raccoon.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Do I detect some spikes in hormonal activity at the Hive? Or have we all been drinking just a little too much Sprite?

Billy is looking for adventure- perhaps a Sprite drinking nymph who actually does swallow. Des wants to referree mud wrestling with Venutian blondes and penguins, creating a rare Newtonian paradigm. Quinn just wants adventure- Big Gulp Size! Rootman has started up the human-animal hybrid series that spawned Billygator. What's next? RhinoQuinn? And Mansky is doing "Pond Angkor Wat," where his fish will take care of all the mosquitos AND correct his punctuation. Just another summer day at the Hive.

Decidere said...

He he, he he... she said "pair a dime". He he. Cool.

Eddies jumping, cotton is high, & your mama t'aint bad lookin' either. Oh shit, here comes the Billygator again. Can't someone keep that damned thing chained up?

Rootman said...

With Obama letting the Repugs set the agenda on banning human-animal hybrids, Mars may be the only place we'll be allowed to dome free. Meanwhile, Brazil and South Korea are getting all the patents and making great strides in commercializing the technology. You can't expect Harry Reid to stand up against the hypocritical conservatives, including a handful of Democrats, probably, who never saw a barnyard animal they wouldn't do, but want to legislate away interspecies civil unions.

Billy Glad said...

That wiley Obamaman knows he has eight years to launch the Mars expedition. Why squander the political capital he's built up by pandering to the right? But, speaking as a participant, getting there is only half the battle. There's a lot of mistrust to overcome. Who is going to trust a Koalades to not use the stapler on your eyeballs? What if the Manskyeddie turns up with a contingent of nuns who look like Sinead O'Connor and bash your head with folding chairs every time you slip out of the ring to avoid that shushi knife? What if the hog brings his Harley into the dome?

Decidere said...

Billy, too many movies. We come in PEACE!!! What's for dinner?

Tom Manoff said...

What's Sarah Palin's position on NASA? She's a pilot, no? Will her husband start a Mars for Martians movement? What is more likely: That the Palins have watched the Terminator as a family or discussed a biography of Thomas Jefferson.