Sunday, August 23, 2009

Encyclopedia Of Life

I doubt there is any way we can slip the Komogator into the Encyclopedia Of Life. Maybe we need an Encyclopedia Of Non-Life, devoted to the description and classification of things that don't exist but ought to. I'm sure there must be a place where people are cataloging imaginary or near-imaginary creatures, sort of an expanded Circus Of Dr. Lao. If we don't find a good one, maybe we can open a room in The Hive.


GirlfromtheBronx said...

Great link. I could spend hours there. See you all when we get back. Hilary, we'll check the butte for any remnants. If we find you, maybe we can use your "human Magellan DNA" to help us get around!

Miguel de las Animas Perdidas said...

From the Encyclopedia of Non-Life, 32nd ed., p9876: Formicidae Perdire: A species of shape-shifting cyber-ant, formerly known to inhabit primarily the North American and European continents. Last documented sighting was 2009, when the sole known hive suddenly disappeared, seemingly overnight. Speculation for this singular hive's demise centers on the presence of or rumor of an infestation of komogators in the subterranean tunnels which may have absconded, (or worse), with the Queen, who like a ghost of Versailles, may have lost her head along with other members of the hive prior to any interference by the komogators. These conjectures are based on analysis of remnant electronic communication scratched on the hives walls shortly before the colony collapsed, which indicated a breakdown in the accepted hive protocols, as individuals scrambled to survive whatever caused the hive's demise. Button, Kowalski, and Thomas, Journal of Cyberformicidae, vol. 28.