Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Found It!

I found it! I found an opening through one of the chambers at the top of the Hive! Fresh air, the coolest bluest water you've ever seen. It's so beautiful. Some of you have been going the wrong way. You have to go UP! I know it's strange, but keep formicating up to the top of the Hive. When you get there, just follow the sound of the water. But I don't think there's much time left. It took me almost three hours to get here because I went looking for Mansky first. I found him and he's okay though I think the Komogators really put him through the ringer. He isn't making much sense now. Come quickly. Time is running out.


Decidere said...

I guess you're kinda right - I ended up walking out the front door, past the police line and fire trucks and then on down the street to the nearest Starbucks where the staff hid for about 10-15 minutes until someone figured out I wanted coffee. Not sure what their problem was, but somehow I think I project myself better from the last few days' experiences. People seem to show more respect, i can see their eyes light up a bit more in recognition. Perhaps the Hive isn't completely over - perhaps we were looking for a little... Metamorphosis. Well, except for all the structural damage - partially collapsed on some paramedics who were carrying out komogators on a stretcher, and the smoke and water damage is pretty expesive.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

Ach ja, Desilein, la métamorphose est arrivé! Nous sind alle wiedergeborene Schmetterlinge und volamos al cielo. Du hast heute sehr schwer gearbeitet. Mañana es un altro Chianti. Ma dové Billy? Tengo paura. Billy wo bist du?

Billy Glad said...

I'm here. Doing the math. Looking at the water. I saw polar bears swimming in water like that at the Washington, D.C., zoo a long time ago.

Decidere said...

Come on in, the water's wet!!!
Wheeee!!! My favorite water sport!!!

Haven't quite made it back yet, figure the Hive's taken quite a hit and someone has to repopulate while Billy's doing bean counting. Formicating for fun and profit - here's your X stroke 24 subparagraph B in triplicate. Roll over and do it again.

Did I say, "Wheeeee!!!"??? Never knew office accounting and bureaucracy could be such fun. Maybe I'll sign up for one of them health reform committees - I could introduce some new health and exercise practices to keep America fit and trim.

Where are the others? Ran into Miguel along the way - said I mistook him for a Sharpie he shoved out of a tunnel on the way - burning dog, burning pig, not much to distinguish. Good to know he's back on his... sneakers again.

Decidere said...

Hmmm, looks like Miguel did a little cross-miscenegation himself, seems to be half-leopard, half-pig. That would explain how he didn't turn into free lunch. And I bet that Sharpee wasn't looking too health when he shoved him out the pipe. Oh well, survival of the fittest and cleverest.

GirlfromtheBronx said...

I haven't heard any news about Julian and Live Wire. I'm hoping they're both somewhere around here. Maybe in the grottoes. Billy's busy with the final tabulations. Let's hope there are no surprises coming.

Mansky's resting. At one point he was trying to convince me he was Donnerpass, Cypher and Quinn. I had to knock him on the head with a clump of seaweed. He'll be okay when he wakes up.

In the mean time, it's just you and me Des. Race ya to the water?

quinn the eskimo said...

I found water, but it's red. Damn near blood red. Warm. Salty. My time spent with the Komogators turned out to be very educational. Been searching the beaches, feeding as high tide pushes the living creatures up against the rocks. Now and then I climb up on the dykes - they're like elevated highways - and move to my next beach-meal.

But word is that even out here, there's a Hurricane coming. I told you fools we'd need a bunker. The Hive was the safest place we had.

So for now, it's all hands on deck against the Hurricane named Bill.

Anybody wanna explain the emptying of the Hive and the arrival of Big Bad Airborne Bill? And don't give me any of that "serendipity" shit. I ain't buyin'.

Q out. Possible last transmission til Monday. Could be ugly.

Billy Glad said...

Man, q, that's a lot of subconscious shit coming up as we near the end. I like that part about climbing dykes. Remind me to tell you about Julian and the bull dyke sometime. Man, I can't even begin to list the shit came out of her cunt when she came about 10 times. First just a little dust, but then, man. Anyway. The Girl picked the one form I'm bound to swim to. Like looking at Mary Blige from behind, man.

Decidere said...

Dykes as elevated highways? Leave it to the Canuck to make me seem like one of the sane ones around here.

Yes, all the air escaping from the Hive brought on the tropical storm - heavy formulation in pent up orifies, gas is the first thing to give. Ask La Niña del Bronx - she's our official translator for the 2009 Caribbean storm season. Need a box view or bleacher tickets, she's happy to oblige. Last I saw, she was trying to tie in beach/swim vacations in a Hive package tour. Careful with the exoti wildlife, still a few bugs to work out of the system.

Decidere said...

Formication, formication. My pemmicans diet has run my blogging sensibilities off the rails, or maybe it's all that water ingestion.