Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Turnstile Is Clicking

I've been thinking about something Antepilani mentioned a while back. Chris Burden connected a turnstile to a heavy jack positioned between two posts supporting the ceiling of a gallery. Every time a visitor entered the gallery through the turnstile, the jack spread the posts a fraction of an inch farther apart. If enough visitors entered the exhibit, the ceiling would come crashing down.

I've picked the 10,000th visit as the event that will cave in the walls and ceilings of The Hive. We're at 9,655 and clicking. Some of the outer tunnels are caving in already. We have about a week to go. The Hive won't be here for the eon flux or the passage of health insurance reform. We're going to miss the troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and, sadly, we'll never know if Mansky finds a dwarf who will do nude scenes.

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