Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friends March 20, 2007

Dropped my cell phone in the snow at A's as I was getting in or out of my truck in his driveway. I didn't realize I'd lost the phone for a couple of days, and it took me a couple of days more to figure out where I'd lost it. By the time I got over there to poke around in the snow for it, A had cleared his driveway with a snow blower. After the snow melted, he found my mangled phone up on the lawn where the snow blower had thrown it.

MT had a friend like that. John lived across the hall from MT on the Strand in Galveston before it was gentrified. MT brought a couple of guys back to his loft one night and they tried to kill him. They had MT up on the top of his refrigerator, trying to hold them off with a paring knife, when John busted down MT's door and beat the shit out of them with a baseball bat. Thing is, the door wasn't locked.

Sometimes relationships are like that. Wires get crossed somehow. Takes a while to figure that out. You have to watch your ass.

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