Sunday, February 13, 2011

Megan Fox's Body

Is it hers, or does it belong to Michael Bay?

The latest buzz in fandom is the news that Megan Fox, who -- depending on your feelings about Fox -- either quit Transformers 3 or was fired, has been replaced by Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

TheWrap's take is that Fox walked off rather than meet director Michael Bay's demand that she put on weight.

Can Huntington-Whitely measure up? I doubt it.

Victoria's Secret vs. Armani

Fox made the mistake of letting Bay pressure her into gaining weight for Bay's Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and Bay's cinematographer and editor had to shoot and cut their way around Fox's hips. In the few scenes where Bay was forced to shoot and use images of Fox from straight on or from behind, she comes across as bloated and leaden. Bay, who claims he made Fox and Transformers co-star Shea Lebeouf, managed to take one of the freshest physical presences to hit the screen in years, and turn her into his version of an inflatable doll. If all we had was Bay's vision of Fox, the first Transformers would have been Fox's peak. She'd have lit up the screen for a moment like summer lightning and be gone.

Fox in Transformers. Am I superficial?

But, luckily, Megan Fox's young career doesn't depend on the egotistical Bay, who is less a maker of stars than a director who was made by them. The all-star cast of the star vehicle Armageddon made Bay the director of young actors and tennis balls he is today.

Megan Fox's future doesn't depend on Bay. It depends on her performances in the about to premier Jonah Hex, where, though she's in the hands of Jimmy Hayward, an inexperienced director, she stars with Josh Brolin, a solid, intelligent performer, and in the soon to released Passion Play, where she plays opposite Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray.

Eat your heart out, Michael Bay. The question is: Can Fox make the transition from teenager to woman of the world in Jonah Hex?

In Passion Play, Fox plays a winged circus freak who escapes from her cage. Performing for Michael Bay should have given her all the real-world experience she needs to be convincing in the role.

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