Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Right Way To Secure A Border

Whenever politicians and pundits talk about infrastructure projects that create jobs and put people back to work, they invariably trot out their favorite projects and hook them up to as many current issues as they can.  If they think green jobs are the wave of the future and global warming is the direst threat to the survival of the human race since komogators, they come up with something like a massive investment in renewable energy to put people back to work and slow down global warming.  Sometimes, in their frantic rush to get their pet projects on the table, they even lose it a little, as one New York Times pundit did recently when he proposed to make renewable energy competitive by raising taxes on petroleum in the middle of the most devastating economic crash since the Great Depression.  That's the way establishment pundits think, I guess.

I have my own pet infrastructure projects  -- cleaning up Fresh Kills landfill and other toxic dumps across America, for example.  That one would be incredibly labor intensive. 

Or how about something like the Tennessee Valley Authority along the Rio Grande and the Colorado rivers?

I don't know what it would take to clean up and dam up the Rio Grande and Colorado rivers along the U.S. - Mexico border to produce hydroelectric power, but I know you could put solar and wind farms along those rivers.  We could create Economic Development Zones -- joint ventures between the U.S. and Mexican governments, the border states and communities, and the private sector -- guaranteed to attract businessmen eager to create great fortunes by getting in early on government programs.  And the farms, along with desalination plants, factories and who knows what else entreprenuers might crowd into the development zones, would create a massive barrier to illegal immigration, while providing thousands of jobs.


quinn esq said...

Donno much about green jobs, but that 9-day komo thread was a thing of beauty.

Also, I think Perry backs Komos. Obama's more Kos.

Billy Glad said...

Smart people, riffing on a theme. Nothing better than that. Always been something I don't like about Obama and something -- against my judgment -- I like about Perry. You may have just explained it.

Perry Komos was a singer, right?